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Holistic Food | Summerfield, FL | Vanity Fur Pet Grooming | 352-245-4585

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Give your pet the nutrition they deserve

When you feed your pet foods and treats that are high in quality and nutritional value, it affects their overall well-being. The products we offer are natural and eliminate harsh chemicals from your pet's diet. This offers your pet a meal that is not only more delicious but more nutritious.

To keep your dog performance in top shape we offer:

  • Nail caps - keep nails smooth all the time
  • Toys - For exercise and play

Choose from the following foods and treats:

Canidae Natural Pet food Company

  • Canidae® All Natural Pet Foods - Dog food with high quality meat meals in chicken, turkey, lamb and fish. Visit www.canidae.com for more info.

  Evanger's Food for Dogs and Cats

  • Evanger’s  - One of the finest natural dog food companies in the United States, since 1935. Visit www.evangersdogfood.com for more info.

  Precise Pet Products  

  • Precise Pet Products - Includes thoughtfully chosen ingredients like real meat proteins, wholesome carbohydrates, and balanced fatty acids and so much more. For both dogs and cats. for more information, visit www.precisepet.com


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